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CS Taub Building 733


Haifa 3200003, Israel

I’m a faculty member at the Technion Taub Faculty of Computer Science and a former Azrieli Faculty Fellow. I work on natural language processing, focusing on the following areas:

  • Interpretability
  • Robustness
  • NLP for Hebrew and Arabic
  • Emergent communication
  • Biological language models

I was previously a postdoc at Harvard SEAS, where I was affiliated with the Mind, Brain, Behavior initiative and worked mainly with Stuart Shieber. I was also affiliated with the NLP group and the CCNLab at Harvard.

During my postdoc I also worked with the Spoken Language Systems group at MIT CSAIL, where I completed my PhD under the supervision of James Glass. My PhD thesis analyzed internal language representations in deep learning models, with particular applications to machine translation and speech recognition.

Before coming to MIT I worked as a software engineer in IntuView while pursuing a Master’s in Arabic Studies at Tel Aviv University with a thesis on the Arabic dialect of Jisir izZarga. My undergrauate degree was in Mathematics and Arabic Studies, also at Tel Aviv University.

Note to prospective students: I am looking for motivated candidates to join my group.

  • Current Technion students: Ideally, you should take 236299: Intro to NLP, and courses in machine learning and deep learning. You can also take 236817: seminar in NLP, or a project course that is sometimes offered. If you feel you have sufficient background to start with research, please send your CV, transcripts, and example code projects to the following address: lastname at

  • Students from other institutions: If you would like to pursue graduate studies with me (Master’s or PhD), please send your CV, transcripts, and example code projects to the following address: lastname at You should have prior experience (via courses, industry, independent study, etc.) in NLP and/or machine learning, preferably both. Information about the application process is available here.

  • Post-doc candidates: If you would like to do a postdoc with me, please send your CV, a list of publications, and (optionally) a short research proposal.

  • Undergraduate positions: We do not typically have internship positions for undergrads from other institutions, so please do not send such inquiries.